Saturday, November 4, 2023

Attacked and Blocked on You tube.

   The night before last, I experienced a severe Microwave attack. I didn’t know if I’d survive it. But I did. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner, because I’d been standing up for the Palestinian people in foreign media as well as ours, for about ten days. I guess this is OK with them, because they are labeling pro-Palestinian people as “terrorists” and “antisemitic.” So it makes me look bad, even though I’m neither of these things. What appears to have brought on the attack is me starting to post things about the core problem – the mind control part, which I feel is why nobody has done anything to save the Palestinian people and make Israel back out of their decades long invasion and captivity of the resisting Palestinians, and make Israel stop killing them off under the guise of it being a war against “terrorism”…etc.
   Then, I could not log into my account without repeatedly typing in letters that were shown. Then after I got in and started again sharing the mind control stuff, You Tube completely blocked me from doing any comments at all.

As for the radio wave mind control, which is VERY effective on people who are taking the brain numbing and feeling blocking pharmaceuticals; I think that at least some of the Palestinian people (Arab people) have figured it out, and many are not taking the pharmaceuticals, and this is why they still resist the evil control. I’m sure their tunnels help protect them from the radio wave part as well. Smart people.
   But I think the mind control has been being used on high officials who could stop Israel and help prevent the Palestinian natives from continuing to be killed off and chased out of their own country. I feel it has to be mind control, because anyone, who looks at the history and both sides would clearly see that it is Israel who is the intrusive invader, and Israel who is anti-Arab, and Israel who wants to wipe out Palestine and the Palestinian people, and Israel who has been far more terroristic. Israel has projected all their evil stuff onto Hamas and has been convincing the world that Hamas – the resisting Palestinian people are the ones who are the bad guys…and it is just not true, no matter what wrongs a few Hamas individuals may have done in their fight for freedom on their own land...etc. In a fair look at the factual bigger picture, of violent terroristic types of acts, it is VERY easy to see that Israel has done FAR worse than Hamas from the very start of this situation...and that it is illegal for Israel to even be there in Palestine.

I started a new blog for the Palestinian people

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