Monday, November 6, 2023

Vamp up in targeting continues

It appears that I am again getting death threats in the form of dead animals being left. It appeared that I was hit with some sort of chemical the other day. It sort of smelled like a skunk and stung my nostrils. But these things can be done with microwaves effecting the senses too. Not sure what it was. And the general microwaving has again vamped up in the way of making me feel retarded, making it difficult to think straight and write. I have also had a hard time logging into my email and you tube has blocked me at least three times, for no good reason. I am also being harassed on you tube, no more than the usual though. And my computer has been infiltrated again. 

 Care for Palestine Website 

I'm not stopping my stand for the horrid injustice and terrors and crimes that have been happening to the Palestinian people for many decades now. 


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